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Cake Display Fridge for sale
Cake Display Fridge for sale

Petra Equipment has the cake display fridge that’s right for your cake or bakery business with a wide range of sizes and styles available. They are few brands on sale such as Bromic, Skope & Exquisite. To find out which one are the best for you, you need to choose the size, the temperature and the type of fan you need. When you purchase the display make sure that the base is made of stainless steel.

cd1200_1 cake displaySome popular models are currently on sale like the Cake Display cabinet CDC900 from Exquisite. The company ship all catering equipment Australia wide, please contact us for more information on the cost and time of delivery. During our recent project at Petra Group, we encounter few business owners who were ready to invest in custom made fridge display suitable for their custom made joinery. As an example, our recent team of cafe designers in Sydney made a 3.5m width display with a fridge storage underneath.